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Marketing seems deceptively easy, and everybody has an opinion about it – from the trainee to the CEO. This is probably due to the fact that there is a lot of common sense involved in this function, and we all think that we have common sense, correct?

Unfortunately, sometimes common sense alone is simply not sufficient. You simply have to know how things in Marketing work, how to organize them best, and in what order to execute them. We have five main principles we adhere to:

1) Keep things simple – yes, we know the Marketing lingo very well indeed, but we will never use it to confuse our customers. If a concept cannot be explained in a sentence, it is probably not worth discussing. And yes, “growth Marketing” is such a concept.

2) Go for real-world solutions – we will always recommend the simplest and most efficient solution to a particular problem.

3) People come first – any business is as good as its people. In any project we will look at the human aspect first. This also requires a certain level of understanding and empathy, which is why we will tackle any problem by talking to people first.

4) Help customers receive the best return on their money – Marketing is an investment, not a cost (another common misconception in organizations). We aim to help you get the best return on this investment.

5) Tell the truth – we will tell the customer what we honestly think. If a project looks untenable, we will say it. If, in our opinion, branding can be improved , we will say it too, regardless of the history behind it.

We believe that by sticking to these principles we will help any Marketing department get free of the chains that bound it – unclear place in the organization, inefficient use of resources, muddled responsibilities, and budgeting that does not make sense.

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