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Your team needs to constantly develop its Marketing competencies. We will help you do that in a structured way.

Every organization has specific training needs. These are identified based on the input from management and the HR department and are normally combined with internal research to determine the particular need. We can also organize this research for you.

Building on our strong educational background combined with practical experience, Optimus Consulting developed the “Get In Optimal Shape” training concept. It consists of three phases: Fundamentals, Consumer Knowledge, and Advanced. In order to get your organization in optimal shape, we recommend the deployment of at least three trainings per phase. The choice of these trainings is based on the particular training needs and their content is adapted to the profile of your organization. Of course, individual training programs on these and other topics can also be developed upon request. For example, a client asked us to develop a custom training on how to communicate on Twitter and we trained their whole Communications department.


Last but not least, we also offer online versions of these trainings based on a state-of-the art eLearning system. It allows multimedia content, quizzes, user and access management, and detailed tracking and reporting. You can use these trainings as stand-alone solutions or as an integral part of the face-to-face sessions.

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