Looking Into The Future

Strategic Foresight

The COVID-19 pandemic clearly showed to all businesses that strategic foresight is of key importance for their survival.

Strategic foresight is the ability of organizations to anticipate future events and act in the present to meet future strategic needs. Some businesses take the future as it is; others manage to shape it according to their needs. In both cases several courses of action are possible. We will help you select the best one.

We will start by putting the business and the industry in the right strategic frame and describing the current situation. We will then work with you on involving all key stakeholders in outlining possible futures and their possible impact on the organization. The outcome of this process is the selection of the preferred future. Next step is to use different scenario techniques to forecast implications of this future on leading business indicators.

The outcome of such a project is a complete report to help steer your company into the best possible future scenario.

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